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The Best Song of Blood Covenant
Best Song of Blood Covenant
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    The band "Blood Covenant” was formed by Segor (Sergey Areskin) and Garegin (Garik Amian) in 2001.
    Initially the band was called "Iron Cross” and played "Trash - Death Metal” music style. Then the band consisted of three members:
    Segor - guitars
    Garegin - drums
    Avag - bass (2001-2003)



    Before Dave joined the band (2001-2002), the latter had been performing instrumental compositions.
    In the same year the first demo album with the corresponding title was recorded in rehearsal conditions:
    "Iron Cross" (demo)

    SEGOR - guitars

    GAREGIN - drums

    AVAG - bass (2001-2002)

    DAVE - vocal (2001-2002)

    After several performances in festivals and clubs, the staff of the band underwent certain changes. Ashot became the bass player and vocalist (2002), while Avag got to play the guitar. Then in 2003 Segor became the vocalist of the band and together with Garegin started the recordings of the first studio album in Symphonic Black Metal genre:

    "The Day of Lord" (2003)


    SEGOR - vocal, guitar, composer

    GAREGIN - drums, bass, keys, symphonic composer, lyrics




    Soon Gurgen Khazarian (bass, keys) (2004) (only live) and ARBI DAVUDI (guitar) (2005-2007) joined the band.

    Later, in December 2005 the recordings of the second studio album titled "The Blood of the New Covenant” started, which was released in 2007.

    "The Blood of the New Covenant” (2007)



    Segor (Sergey Areskin) - vocal, guitar, composer

    Garegin (Garik Amyan) - drums, bass, keys, symphonic composer, lyrics

    Аrbi Davudi - guitar

    Arthur Areskin - (guest) clean vocal (ex-vocalist of the heavy metal band "AYAS”)




    The following people also cooperated with the band:

    АRBI DAVUDI - (2005-bass - only live)

    ANDREW MAYILIAN - (2006-2008) (bass - only live)

    KAREN PETROSYAN (2006) (drums - only live)

    DAVID SARGSIAN (2008) ((guest) clean vocal - only live)

    ANNA (2009) ((guest) female vocals - only live)

    Shortly, the staff of the band underwent the so much expected completion:

    HASMIK MINASARYAN - keys (2008-)

    NAREK - guitar (2008-2012)

    GAREGIN (GARIK AMYAN) - drums, bass, keys, symphonic composer, lyrics (2001-)

    ARMEN HOVHANNISYAN - bass (2008-)

    SEGOR (SERGEY ARESKIN) - vocal, guitar, composer (2001-)

    GURGEN KHAZARIAN - keys (2004-2009)

    In October 2009 the band had a solo concert, which will soon be available in the form of DVD.


    The band is also preparing to release the first video titled "The Blood of the new Covenant”, the presentation of which will take place in 2010.


    In December 2009 the band released the single titled "At the Cross”, combining the entire power of metal music and the whole gamut of the Armenian national instrument duduk, as a result of which Black metal performance of the Armenian Christian hymn "At the Cross” came out. VAHE AYVAZYAN (duduk) took part in the song recordings as well.


    SEGOR (SERGEY ARESKIN) - vocal, guitar, composer (2001-)

    ARMEN HOVHANNISYAN - bass (2008-)

    HASMIK MINASARYAN - keys (2008-)

    GURGEN KHAZARYAN - keys (2004-2009)

    GAREGIN (GARIK AMYAN) - drums, composer (2001-)

    VAHE AYVAZYAN - (guest) duduk



    In 2009 Garegin and Segor founded the label "ART4GOD records”.


    This brand was used to release the following albums:

    SEGOR - THE MAN OF GOD (2009) melodic death/black metal


    SEGOR – EVERLASTING GRACE (2009) instrumental classical/folk


    GAREGIN - ANTICRISIS (2009) instrumental progressive metal



    9.09.2001- Live at NPAK

    20. 12. 2005- Live at stop club

    11.12.2006 - Fest at the Puppet Show


    26.09.2008- Metal fest at the Puppet Show



    26.10.2009- Live at Aftershock club:



    Group favorite bands: "Antestor”, "Extol”, "Slechtvalk”, "Crimson Moonlight”, ”Divinefire”, ”Renascent”, ”Narnia”...


















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